Privacy Policy

This notice is the Privacy Policy of K & R Footcare Services Ltd and is designed to clearly inform you on what data we obtain from you; how we obtain it; why we obtain it; who obtains it; how we store it; how long we store it for; how it may be processed; by whom it may be processed; how you obtain a copy of the data we hold on you and when the data will be destroyed.

The data we obtain from you:

• Name, address, date of birth, Occupational details and contact details.

• Medical history inclusive of medications and the GP practice that you are registered with.

How do we obtain the data?

• The data we obtain from you comes from the medical history form completed upon your initial visit and the information obtained from you from our clinician tending to your foot care needs.

Why is the data obtained?

• The data that we obtain is the minimal necessary to enable us to carry out safe and effective treatments to your feet.

• The data that we obtain is not used for any other purposes beyond providing effective foot health treatment.

Who has access to the data?

• The data is accessed by us for providing your foot care needs as required.

• Reception staff may also have limited access to your data to facilitate booking you in for your treatment only.

• In the event of a medical emergency or on discovering a condition requiring medical opinion or referral, relevant data that we hold on you may be passed over to other health services as appropriate and if it is considered to be in your best interests.

• Unless the data is legitimately requested by authorised personnel (i.e. within a legal context), no other persons have access to this data.

How is my data stored?

• Your data is stored both physically on a record card as well as electronically on a password-encrypted computer.

• The record cards are stored in a secure metal cabinet within a locked room.

• Only the Directors of K & R Footcare Services Ltd have access to this cabinet.

• Data stored electronically is on a password-encrypted computer that only the Directors have password-access to.

• The computer that the data is stored on is protected by active firewall protection and Antivirus software.

• As we hold data on people electronically, the Data Controller: K & R Footcare Services Ltd, is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Registration Number ZA388524.

How is my data processed?

• Your data is processed purely in terms of making and annotating clinical notes relating to your foot health care.

• Your data may be used by us to keep you informed of new additions to our Foot Health Services from time to time.

• Your contact details may be used when we need to get hold of you in relation to an appointment or service that you have with our clinic.

• Your data will not be passed onto any third parties unless required by law, or for provision of continuation of your foot care service.

How long is my data stored for?

• Your data is typically stored for 7 years after the date of your last appointment.

• If your last appointment was when you were under the age of 18, then the data will continue to be stored until the date of your 25th birthday.

• After these time periods have elapsed, your data will be destroyed.

How can I access my data?

• If you would like to have a copy of the data that we hold on you, or to request that your data be deleted then you are to contact us at to make such a request, thank you. K Evans, R Evans: Directors of K & R Footcare Services Ltd. Company Registered in England and Wales, Company Number 11331349. Registered Office: Woodside Court, Rotherham S66 1FB.

Offer Terms and Conditions

*Discount £5 OFF your first session – quote RL0119 valid from 01/01/19 to 28/02/19 (subject to availability or change without any notice – no other offers apply)

Other Information

*Residential Care Home and home visits are subject to availability and location, please enquire.

*All prices for treatments are subject to change without notice.

*Routine Foot Care treatment includes: Nails Cutting and Filing, one corn removed and single Callus reduction if required (up to one hour session – longer sessions or additional treatments incur extra cost)

*Dressings or paddings may incur extra cost.

*Most Foot conditions will usually require more than one treatment session.

*Rotherham Footcare is a trading style of K & R Footcare Services Ltd.

*Please remove all nail varnish before your appointment.